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Re-Thinking Sepsis: What Does It Take to Improve Survival Rates?
Sepsis is a global healthcare burden, and is still the leading cause of death from infection1, despite recognition that with earlier identification and evidence based treatment, there would be fewer deaths annually, and reductions in hospital expenditures. What can your organization do to improve management of sepsis?


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Product Updates

Integrated Drug Interactions Checking and the Search for Greater Efficiency

Drug interactions and the preventable adverse drug reactions they cause are a major contributor to emergency room visits and hospital admissions. How can healthcare organizations across the world apply appropriate clinical solutions to help minimize patient harm, whilst improving workflow efficiency?

Micromedex® Solutions is being integrated into hospital EHRs to automatically screen for potentially harmful interactions directly within the workflow, and continues to evolve with the inclusion of locally approved medications.
Clinical Content Updates

Latest Updates to Micromedex clinical content

Surviving Sepsis Campaign Bundles:

Revised guidelines based on new evidence, and other selected content updates

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Tips & Tricks

Time saving tips to help you get the most of Micromedex

Combat Alert Fatigue:

Filter drug interaction alerts by severity and documentation strength to help minimize alert fatigue

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