Sandra M. Diaz Maldonado

Director of Institutional Programs, Hospital Espanol Auxilio Mutuo

Sandra Maldonado

In her role as Director of Institutional Programs at the Hospital Español Auxilio Mutuo, Sandra manages programs on Quality, Risk Management, Infection Control, Patient Representation and the Medical Faculty Office. Sandra is responsible for hospital accreditation and certification, including the Joint Commission accreditation that the hospital and the laboratory has achieved, the National Accreditation for Breast Cancer (NAPBC), the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative Certification (QOPI), and the Centre of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology (COEMIG), among others.

Past roles as Associate Director of Nursing, and Program Director at Hospital San Pablo contribute to her almost 30 years of experience managing quality control and clinical governance, on top of her proven clinical experience as a nurse.

Sandra has a master degree in nursing and holds credentials in Certified Professional Utilization Management (CPUM), Certified Professional Utilization Review (CPUR), and is member of the National Association for Healthcare Quality, the American College of Healthcare Executives, the Puerto Rico College of Nursing Professionals and the Quality Association of Puerto Rico, where Sandra has held the roles of Vice President, President Elect and President.

Sandra has published and presented extensively in the areas of compliance, care quality standards, nursing care, rapid response, and risk management among others.