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In our endeavours to deliver the most trusted evidence-based clinical content on the most current technologies and platforms, five new Micromedex apps are now available for unlimited download FREE on iTunes, with a Micromedex subscription. Due to an increase in demand the Micromedex Free Drug Reference app is also available free with a Micromedex subscription on Google Play.

If you are based in the US or Canada, click here for information on the Micromedex mobile apps for your region.

Micromedex App Store Micromedex App Store
Drug Information gives you FREE access to the highest quality evidence available. This app delivers actionable recommendations and will take you beyond the package insert to find off-label indications, dosing recommendations, therapeutic class, administration, monitoring, toxicology, clinical teaching, and much more.

FREE on iTunes and Android with a Micromedex subscription
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Micromedex App StoreMicromedex App Store
Drug Interactions goes beyond just identifying potentially harmful drug interactions. It gives you the full treatment picture including prevention and management of clinical manifestations, the probability of an interaction, and the potential timeframe — all backed by documentation ratings that provide insight into the level of evidence supporting each recommendation.

FREE on iTunes and Android with a Micromedex subscription
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Micromedex App Store
Rely on the ultimate authority on IV compatibility information – Trissel's™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database – to enhance patient safety when administering IV medications. This app provides access to drug-solution and drug-drug compatibility results, including contributing factors such as the physical compatibility, storage, study period, container, and chemical stability.

FREE on iTunes with a Micromedex subscription to Complete IV Compatibility
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Micromedex App Store
Unlike other resources, Truven Health Pediatrics Essentials empowers you with comprehensive, pediatric-specific, evidence-based information required to treat this complex population. This mobile app provides reliable access to the details you need to confidently make accurate and informed treatment decisions at the point of care.

FREE on iTunes with a Micromedex subscription to Pediatric Drug Information
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Micromedex App Store
NeoFax Essentials incorporates evidence-based information beyond the FDA-approved indications. At the point of care, you will have access to comprehensive, neonatal-specific, evidence-based information required to treat this complex population.

FREE on iTunes with a Micromedex subscription to NeoFax
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We are committed to delivering only the most current, relevant and accurate clinical decision support information for clinicians to use at the point of care with patients. As such, to ensure we are able to meet these standards and allow for important user-focused enhancements to our apps, we will no longer be able to maintain a free application for non-Micromedex subscribers.

Micromedex subscribers continue to enjoy free access to the Drug Information app, as well as four apps (Drug Interactions, IV Compatibility, Neofax and Pediatric Drug Information) newly available outside the US and Canada via iTunes. For information on how to become a Micromedex customer, please contact micromedex@truvenhealth.com.