State Data-Scape

The power to reveal the story of your market.

Leakage is lost revenue and could even be a financial burden in an environment of population health. Imagine a medium-sized community hospital averaging 10,000 discharges/year: a loss of 5% of its inpatient discharges to competitors could equal $7.2M in lost revenue.*

* Average $3,207 NPR/IP day (OSHPD 2013); ALOS 4.5 days (H-CUP 2014)

Truven Health State Data-Scape is a highly visual and intuitive healthcare business planning solution that can help you see the story your state data is trying to tell. State Data-Scape is designed to help hospital executives and strategic planners glean insights from state data sets, while also having the power to do custom analyses on the data when needed for specific business decisions.

The solution provides interactive data dashboards and workbooks that are designed to support strategic decision-making and can help organizations meet their business goals. State Data-Scape can help you:

  • Get a precise view into changes in market share, your competitors, and what volume is leaking — to where, and by whom
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Formulate smart growth strategies
  • Identify and respond to market changes quickly

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