Consumer Health Education

Provide engaging health resources to your community while potentially increasing brand awareness and market share

Many of today’s consumers seek health information online. To help you drive patients and consumers to your organization, and to connect them with your hospital versus your market competitors, it’s important to provide high-quality online health education.

Micromedex® Consumer Health Education featuring SmartEngage™ helps you extend your reach beyond the walls of the hospital or clinic to the community by offering online, interactive health information and resources.

Consumer Health Education offers:

  • Accredited interactive health education and resources: Over 6,000 physician-written articles, 2,200-plus medication topics and 350 high-definition videos on diseases and conditions, tests and surgeries, injuries, first aid, treatment options, exercise and nutrition, medications, and more
  • Education designed with the patient in mind: Easy-to-understand articles written at a 5th to 8th grade reading level; available in English and Spanish
  • Interactive formats to support different learning styles: Including high-definition videos and a unique visual search interface using 3D avatars customized to gender, ethnicity and age
  • Anytime, anywhere access: Resources are available online via your patient portal or website, as well as via mobile devices and tablets
  • Marketing tools: Resources to help your organization target and drive consumers to take specific actions, and the ability to customize content to your brand and service lines

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