Single-source insights designed to support and optimize care outcomes and influence population health

"Based on a review of the top 20 DRGs, the hospitalist program demonstrated more than $5 million in savings to the hospital. Detailed data and hospitalist awareness of that data is critical to meeting our goals." — Brian Kendall, MD, Medical Director, Hospitalist Service, Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties

To thrive in a value-based care and pay-for-performance world, hospitals may need to improve care quality and patient outcomes, reduce physician performance variation and address process efficiencies.

CareDiscovery® from Truven Health Analytics™, an IBM® Company, is designed to help inform those strategies as hospitals, health systems and the industry transition.

Advanced healthcare analytics based on proprietary methodologies

Truven Health CareDiscovery applies proprietary methodologies to your data. These methodologies are created utilizing one of the most comprehensive healthcare claims databases in the US — one that ontains 21 million all-payer discharges representing over 2,700 hospitals and that uses the same methodologies as the nationally recognized Truven Health 100 Top Hospitals® program.

Benchmarking at multiple levels

CareDiscovery helps providers enhance care insights by benchmarking performance at different levels, such as MS-DRG, physician or any clinical condition.

  • This enables you to view your data simultaneously compared both to the national average and a targeted, top-10-percentile benchmark.
  • It also gives you action-driving opportunities to assess which outcome metrics may have the highest potential for improvement — clinically and financially.

Supports quality improvement goal-setting

The robust and objective information in CareDiscovery can provide a data-driven foundation to help you:

  • Gain insights from a patient-centric, provider-driven, process- and outcomes-focused view of performance
  • Engage physicians in care improvement
  • Estimate and proactively address readmissions risk
  • Understand how new payment models may affect your organization and how to potentially improve quality, reduce costs and maximize reimbursement
  • Identify the drivers of variation in cost and quality across specific patient populations

Maximizing your readmissions incentives

Know exactly where you stand with the Risk-Adjusted Expected Readmissions (RAER) calculator. The CareDiscovery RAER model replicates and builds on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services hospital-wide, risk-adjusted 30-day readmissions model and updates to reflect Social and Economic Status (SES), giving you thedata available on unplanned readmissions and maximized reimbursement. In addition to the base RAER model, Truven Health offers an enhanced model that adjusts readmissionby various community-level socio-economic barriers, such as income and education levels, allowing hospitals to tailor their services based on gaps in care.

Information you can use to close important gaps

With the data and analytic insights from CareDiscovery, your care teams will have access to information that may help them close potentially critical gaps in hospital and health system performance.

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  • CareDiscovery Brochure
  • Carson Tahoe Health Case Study


    Also available: CareDiscovery Provider Profiles

    Supports hospital and health system efforts to reduce variability in physician performance with an objective, on-the-go, quality-focused solution

    Truven Health CareDiscovery® Provider Profiles is designed to help make your organization’s physician quality conversations unbiased and meaningful.

    The solution allows your physician leaders to view and analyze variation in care patterns. And it provides streamlined access to detailed data to help them identify and act on the key drivers of physician performance. Plus, CareDiscovery Provider Profiles can:

    • Help you connect patient outcomes to the doctors who cared for them
    • Provide performance comparisons between your organization and industry or team peers
    • Deliver reports via either iPad or computer so physician performance conversations can happen in a variety of settings
    • Target specific patient populations, specific sets of physicians and specific physician roles
    • Filter out performance differences that are statistically or clinically meaningful, which can boost discussion credibility
    • Help you guide the prioritizing of clinical performance improvement opportunities
    • Support the setting of goals based on relevant and agreed-upon information

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    If you're interested in using additional insights to potentially reduce physician clinical variation, get the details on CareDiscovery Provider Profiles right now.


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