Micromedex 360 Care Insights Suite

Near real-time clinical data surveillance for effective patient interventions

Near real-time clinical data surveillance for effective patient interventions Micromedex® 360 Care Insights from Truven Health Analytics™, an IBM® Company, offers a suite of products that monitor and conduct near real-time clinical surveillance to help you identify at-risk patients and potential intervention opportunities, as well as deliver patient-specific clinical decision support (CDS) at the point of care.

A single-source solution that helps you minimize information gaps

As a single solution that works with your hospital information system (HIS), Micromedex 360 Care Insights acts as a clinical intelligence dashboard, aggregating multiple sources of patient-specific data in one centralized place to aid clinicians within their clinical workflow and daily routines.

Micromedex® Pharmacy Intervention

Provides prebuilt, pharmacy-specific rules for identifying potentially high-risk patients and intervention candidates

Micromedex® Infection Prevention

Alerts staff of the probability of potential outbreaks, and identifies and reports on patients who meet the National Healthcare Safety Network definition of a hospital-acquired infection

Micromedex® Clinician Rounding

Promotes a precise and streamlined patient care process

Truven Health Immediate Care Analysis

Provides near real-time quality surveillance and delivers retrospective daily insight into how patient interventions are affecting quality outcomes

Integration Options

Integrates with most electronic medical record (EMR) systems

Centralized data serves up near real-time information based on the specific needs of your team

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