Micromedex Medication Management

Informed decision-making, delivered

From drug dosing information to specialty patient populations and off-label uses, Micromedex® Medication Management provides everyday reference tools and resources your entire staff can count on—plus the specialized, in-depth content your more experienced clinicians may need in difficult situations.

    Medication Management offers:
  • Drug information for medication safety: Extensively referenced, objective information to help clinicians make informed treatment decisions—covering dosage, therapeutic use, known cautions, comparative efficacy, approved and off-label uses, pharmacokinetics, clinical applications, and drug identification tools
  • Drug interactions: Information to help clinicians manage unintended interactions and avoid adverse drug events, including known drug-drug, drug-food, drug-disease, drug-ethanol, drug-laboratory, drug-pregnancy and drug-lactation
  • Alternative medicine: Guides for clinicians on herbal and other alternative therapies that a patient may be using with conventional medicine to help provide a full range of options
  • IV compatibility: Relevant information on potentially dangerous combinations and contributing factors that clinicians may consider when interpreting conflicting compatibility, such as physical compatibility, storage, study period, container and chemical stability
  • Pediatric- and neonate-specific information: Age- and indication-specific drug information and drug dosing calculators designed to help clinicians enhance medication safety and efficacy in the care of these patient populations

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