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Treatment Pathways.

Treatment Pathways helps you work faster and smarter by overlaying a powerful online analytic interface onto the MarketScan® Research Databases or other healthcare data, thereby allowing you to access the data and search for answers without the need of programming skills. The tool’s visualization of the patient’s treatment pathway, its statistical power, and sharing functions revolutionize your ability to actively collaborate with coworkers on your analysis.

Treatment Pathways features now include boosted propensity scoring. This new analytic feature may allow you to better control confounding and bias using advanced boosting technology compared to traditional logistic regression. Treatment Pathways Boosted Propensity Score is a machine learning capability that can handle correlated explanatory variables and non-linear relationships to estimate propensity score weights. This is accomplished by using a modern method with three layers of protection to control confounding.

With faster speed to answers, improved visualization of analytic insights and boosted propensity scoring, Treatment Pathways now allows healthcare researchers to:

  • Explore treatment sequences and transitions
  • View time lapses in therapy
  • Assess market share changes
  • Analyze attrition rates for retail/specialty pharmacy scripts and office-based therapy

Using well validated methods to define treatment groups in healthcare encounter data, new user-friendly functionality seamlessly integrates both outpatient pharmacy and physician administered claims allowing researchers to quickly define an episode of continuous treatment or therapy switching and make comparisons across products or product classes.

These online solutions help researchers to quickly understand the complex drug usage patterns of millions of patients in the Truven Health MarketScan Databases. It offers fantastic visualization and drill down capabilities allowing dynamic analysis of real world maps of treatment diversity, adherence, and switching within a therapeutic area of interest.

Treatment Pattern transitions diagramTreatment pattern transition diagram with dynamic time flow analysis
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Dramatic presentation-ready visualization sharpens communication of your analysis into clear insights about your therapy's performance in real world clinical practice, while maintaining complete transparency of analytic decisions.

Treatment market shareTreatment ‘market share’ by month (click to enlarge)

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In today's environment, you need answers quickly. Sometimes you simply can't wait for a six-week research study to be completed. And sometimes you just want to explore possibilities or gather facts quickly without committing programming resources.