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Engaging with the Right Stakeholders

Are you working with the right stakeholders for a successful commercialization strategy? Whether Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) or Market Access Decision-Makers, we provide the critical data, powerful analytics, expert consulting, and KOL engagement tools to help you build relationships with professionals who are key to the success of your product anywhere in the world.

  • What are your business issues?
  • Who are the key stakeholders associated with the business issue?
  • What key characteristics will you use to select the right people?
  • How are these stakeholders connected?
  • Who do decision-makers turn to as key external experts?
  • When, how, and how often do you want to engage with them? 

All these questions are critical to selecting the right stakeholders depending upon your specific business need, and can be addressed through our customized solutions. 

The Truven Health Heartbeat Profiler platform provides unparalleled, continuously updated stakeholder profiles with unique data, including local language, accessed online or through a mobile application.

Heartbeat Advisor is our virtual advisory board solution, allowing you to conduct primary research, educate, or provide ongoing communication with stakeholders without the time and expense of face-to-face meetings. Convenient access is available online and through a mobile app. 

Identify. Profile. Map. Engage. Our experts can help you through it all.