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Consumer Engagement

Consumers - whether ailing or well - need support, direction and tools to manage their health and healthcare choices. From selecting the best plan to attending to post-discharge care to maintaining good health, Truven Health offers evidence-based tools and communication to help consumers stay informed and engaged.

For Employers

One way to counteract the rising cost of healthcare is by activating your employees. Employee activation is the process of helping individuals become better informed – and more involved – in the critical issues affecting their care. As a result, you’ll see improved outcomes and lower costs.

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For Government

Public employers have the same requirements as private employers for managing employee healthcare cost. Employee Activation is the process of helping individuals become better informed, and more involved, in the critical issues affecting their health and healthcare.

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For Health Plans

Health plans can enable their members to become engaged consumers who take greater ownership of their own health and wellness, with tools from our Consumer Advantage decision support solutions. And we can help you address the continuum of care management needs – from data integration to program evaluation.

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For Providers

Research shows that effective education can lead to more engaged consumers, better patient outcomes, and improved self-care before and after treatment. Our tools enable you to provide the most accurate and current health education and consumer engagement resources – integrated into the electronic health record (EHR) workflow, patient portals, and hospital website – to support every stage of care. And that leads to improved satisfaction and HCAHPS scores.

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