Insurance Expansion Estimates

Profiling the future Medicaid Eligible Population

An estimated 25 million people will gain new coverage through expanded Medicaid and Health Insurance Exchanges now that the ACA has been upheld.

Preparing for this new population can be daunting — especially without accurate estimates of how it will affect your program.

Truven Health Analytics has developed detailed eligibility and enrollment estimates for Health Information Exchanges and state Medicaid programs that support a number of areas of health care reform planning.

Let us help you forecast the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) on health insurance coverage in your state or Exchange. Learn more about the future Medicaid eligible.

A Snapshot: The Newly Eligible

Not only can we help you quantify the increase in newly eligible people in your population, we can also help you put a face on them. Our research shows that new Medicaid enrollees are more likely to be:

  • Male
  • Age 18–44
  • White or Hispanic
  • Employed but "working poor"
  • Less likely to be U.S. born or citizens

Additionally, we know that they are more likely to be uninsured primarily due to cost. And while they show lower rates of obesity and high blood glucose, that may be due to lower utilization.

Get the full profile of the newly eligible Medicaid enrollees here.