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Americans Not Concerned with Data Privacy — For the Most Part

By Truven Staff
Truven Health recently conducted a nationwide poll, in conjunction with NPR, to investigate data privacy concerns. The results? Generally, Americans are comfortable with the idea that medical data is shared with employers and health plans. Most of us are willing to share our anonymized data with health researchers. Most of our providers have electronic medical records, and many of us have reviewed our own information. We don’t have a lot of reason to worry about unauthorized access; barely 5 percent have ever been notified of a security breach. 

But we don’t want to share everything with everyone. Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Michael Taylor, was shocked to learn that more than three-quarters of Americans would not be willing to share their social and credit card data with their providers and health plans, even if it would improve their overall health. 

NPR’s take on the poll: medical data privacy is not a big concern for most people. Our take: As always, we prefer to let the data speak for itself.

Food Allergies – One in Five US Households Have Them

By Truven Staff

 Food Allergies image

The latest Thomson Reuters-NPR Health Poll reveals that one in five households have at least one member with a food allergy or intolerance. Interestingly food allergies are more prevalent among respondents under 35 years. Why do you think that is? In any case, the most common intolerance seems to be for milk and milk products. Find out what else people are intolerant to by reading the full story here.