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The Future of Health Care Quality is Now

By Truven Staff
Bill Bithoney imageHealth care expenditures continue to grow at an unsustainable rate in part due to high readmission rates, hospital-associated infections, and medical errors that can cause adverse events and threaten patient safety.  The costs to hospitals are extraordinary. The toll on patients is even higher, with increased treatment costs, longer hospital stays, injuries, and in severe cases, death.

The future of health care quality is now.

I recently had the opportunity to address the future of health care quality at the Institute for Health Improvement and Technology’s (IHI) 24th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care. Alongside Jeffery Softcheck, Director of Laboratory and Outpatient Testing at Silver Cross Hospital, we discussed innovative, targeted approaches to reduce costs by improving care quality for better patient outcomes including:
  • The importance of assessing current hospital performance by identifying areas of quality improvement across the care continuum.
  • The need to identify at-risk patients and intervention candidates through proactive, real-time monitoring of patient specific data.
  • Providing caregivers the tools and patient-specific information they need, at the point-of-care, to improve care quality.
  • The combination of solutions that leads to increased awareness, teamwork, and efficiencies and produces better clinical quality and outcomes.
The growing focus on lowering health care expenditures by improving care quality mean’s that there’s no better time than now then to strategically plan for the future.

At Truven Health Analytics, we have a successful history of harnessing clinical data to help predict, manage and improve care quality and patient outcomes. We are now focusing on how we can help hospitals and healthcare partners make the best use of their health care IT systems to reducing costs while never waiving from our shared goal of improving patient care.

I would love to exchange ideas of how we can propel health care quality into the future. Please feel free to email me at