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Consistency – the Real Challenge of the Affordable Care Act for Health Systems, ACOs, and Insurers

By Truven Staff
Jean Chenoweth imageMany may not have noticed a requirement within the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that requires that both quality and price performance be posted on healthcare exchanges for both insurance company networks and ACOs. That is a huge help for consumers looking to make more reasonable choices. The purpose of the expansion of transparency is to expose insurance companies and ACOs that offer networks that are low cost, but offer poor quality. In other words, performance must be BALANCED.

The 15 Top Health System winners are clearly aware of the requirement. To measure consistency of performance across a health system, the 100 Top Hospitals team developed a metric to measure alignment of performance of the hospitals within a health system. To date, alignment of high performance is elusive. The data demonstrates that health systems leadership hasn’t been able to lead member hospitals to align performance on the vast majority of metrics. The good news is that Asante, OhioHealth, Advocate Health Care, and a small number of other 15 Top Health Systems have made progress. They are leading the way in establishing the methods to achieve consistency. However, the healthcare industry has many miles to go before it achieves the consistency of the airline industry or many other industries.

Jean Chenoweth
Senior Vice President, Performance Improvement and 100 Top Hospitals