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Population Health Management: Employers' Role in Cancer Prevention and Treatment – Developing Success Metrics

Ron Goetzel imageRecently an article titled “Employers' Role in Cancer Prevention and Treatment—Developing Success Metrics for Use by the CEO Roundtable on Cancer,” appeared in Population Health Management, a peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. In this article, the authors discuss how employers can play a significant role in improving efforts to prevent and treat diseases, such as cancer, by introducing and supporting health promotion programs in the workplace.



Rachel Mosher Henke image The authors describe the “5 Pillars” of the CEO Cancer Gold Standard program, the framework Johnson & Johnson created to monitor the use and effectiveness of the cancer prevention and treatment enhancement efforts it introduced, and examples of the data collected by the company.

The article is available free for a limited time on the Population Health Management website.


Ron Z. Goetzel, PhD
VP of Health & Productivity Research

Rachel Mosher Henke, PhD
Director of Research
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