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Impact of Federally-Run Health Insurance Exchanges

By Anita Nair Hartman/Thursday, February 28, 2013

Anita Nair-Hartman imageA recent American Medical News article highlighted the heavy role federally facilitated exchanges will have now that states have made their decisions on creating exchanges.   Health plans must soon decide whether to participate in public exchanges. To date, 25 states have opted for HHS to run their exchange, and you would think this would streamline operational challenges for health plans. But this is not necessarily true. It’s not clear how much of a role states will have in these federally facilitated exchanges.

From decisions on approving “qualified” health plans to adhering to state insurance regulations, HHS may allow states to have more input into the federal facilitated exchanges.  But for everything we do know about federally facilitated exchanges, there are many unanswered questions. And that, in itself, is adding another layer of complexity as health plans navigate their state exchange strategy and make decisions about their participation. 

Anita Nair-Hartman
Vice President, Market Planning and Strategy

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