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By Truven Staff

Hospitals Need Analytics to Focus Interventions, Prevent Readmissions

Michael R. Udwin imageAs suggested in the New York Times article of March 29th, hospitals are confronting expanded readmissions penalties without clear direction on which interventions are likely to yield the greatest impact relative to their unique circumstances. To paraphrase Occam’s Razor, often the simplest explanation is best.

How does this apply to readmissions? Over the years, Truven Health has helped its CareDiscovery customers connect the dots; linking patient populations across the spectrum of care from outpatient setting to hospital to post-discharge facility, and testing the impact of both process and practice on outcome. By following the patient path through risk-adjusted models, we can test and quantify the results of competing readmission theories.

As you might expect, it is often the simplest theory that prevails. Of course, such analytics not only validate the theory but serve to identify the drivers behind the higher than expected readmissions. Only at this point can one be assured that the application of evidence-based protocols can optimally address the highlighted opportunity. With diminished reimbursements and expanded disease burden, now more than ever hospitals must harness true and proven analytics to ensure a thriving population and future.  

Michael R Udwin, MD, FACOG
Medical Director 
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