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Congratulations to the 2016 Advantage Award Winners

By Mike Boswood/Wednesday, May 4, 2016

At our annual customer conference last week, I had the honor of presenting the 2016 Advantage Awards to clients who documented significant results from projects that required innovative thinking and analytics, and produced greater value in healthcare.

Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN) was the overall winner this year. GaHIN created a “network of networks” wherein patient information remains with the treating provider and flows only when there is authorization. Caregivers can now instantly access information from a multitude of sources through their EMR, enabling more informed decisions about treatments and avoiding unnecessary, expensive tests.

In addition to the overall winner, the following organizations were honored with Advantage Awards for their impressive results:

  • DeKalb Regional Health System: achieved reduced lengths of stay and cost savings from a systemic commitment to greater quality.
  • IASIS Healthcare: reduced readmissions through near-real time analytics and by improving the transition of care from hospital to home.
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance: exceeded enrollment goal by enabling members to understand their likely costs if they switched to the CDHP or stayed in a PPO.
  • Lockheed Martin: used analytics to understand costs of various treatments for lower back pain and to identify targeted intervention opportunities.
  • Prime Healthcare Services – Centinela Hospital Medical Center: turned a negative margin positive and improved patient satisfaction, with pervasive quality-oriented management.
  • State of Michigan: reduced invoice-to-claim discrepancies by over $30 million by automating the comparison process.
  • Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals: realized over $14M in cost reductions by guiding all departments to operate off standardized definitions, metrics, benchmarks and goals.

We support our clients’ commitment to building greater value in healthcare with our expanding range of solutions and services; we anticipate that as part of IBM Watson Health we will be able to provide ever more compelling solutions to the evolving challenges facing healthcare across the U.S. and globally.

Our congratulations to the success of all this year’s Advantage Award winners.

Mike Boswood
President and CEO
Truven Health Analytics

IBM Watson Health and Truven Health Analytics: Joining forces to improve health outcomes and advance value-based care solutions

By Mike Boswood/Thursday, February 18, 2016

Today, IBM announced its plan to acquire Truven Health. Once the acquisition closes, Truven Health will help IBM continue to build an unparalleled array of healthcare capabilities to help improve health outcomes, control costs, and advance value-based care.

Upon completion of the acquisition, IBM’s health cloud will house one of the world’s largest and most diverse collections of health-related data and the ability to apply cognitive tools to obtain previously unavailable insights. Additionally, IBM is well positioned to scale globally and to build leading-edge solutions designed to help clients succeed in a value-based care environment.

The Truven Health team looks forward to combining our expertise with Watson Health. Why? Because it can catapult the industry forward to transform healthcare and improve lives.

You can find more information here. I look forward to working with Watson Health to deliver more value to our customers and ultimately, to patients. 

Mike Boswood
President & CEO

Helping People Make Better Healthcare Decisions with Advanced Analytics

By Mike Boswood/Wednesday, June 3, 2015

(Previously posted on IBM’s asmarterplanet.com) 

Sparked by a need to reduce costs and fueled by the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare industry is moving to a retail-based, consumer-oriented model. 

As a result, individuals are taking on greater responsibility for their care – including choosing which treatment option is best for them, which provider they’d like to use, and how they want to spend their healthcare dollars. This is a challenge for many people who don’t have the information they need to make smart, well-informed healthcare decisions. 

It’s also a struggle for health plans. Meeting consumer demands for tools to support decision making is just part of their challenge. In addition, health insurers are undergoing rapid internal change as they shift to an individual business model in response to health insurance exchanges and Medicaid expansion. 

In order to effectively manage the care of a growing population, including the newly insured, health insurers need tools that can provide granular detail on individual healthcare experiences, identify patterns of behavior, and quickly spot outliers for intervention. 

Advanced analytics can help. But only if the analytics are combined with “good” data and a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape.

By integrating proven analytic methods and industry expertise from Truven Health with IBM’s Enterprise Health Analytics platform, we can help health insurers leverage technology and analytics in new ways to improve the quality and value of care. With this combined solution, health insurers and their associated health systems can bring together structured and unstructured data sources from payers, providers, and consumers to identify gaps in care, handle financial reporting and manage cost requirements. They can also use the insights gleaned to assess program and provider performance, ensure payment integrity, and monitor compliance and prevalence over time. 

For example, health insurers will be able to identify patterns of disease management for enrollees with chronic conditions like diabetes, segment those by region, provider, and cost, and then measure any changes over time or even chart changes in the impact of different preventive measures on the conditions. All of these inputs can be used to evaluate quality of care and – ultimately – to drive value-based reimbursement models that will reward providers that deliver the best care at the best price. 

In addition, IBM’s Consumer Price Transparency solution, which streamlines the process of shopping for a procedure or facility, will now incorporate healthcare pricing estimates from Truven Health. The retail shopping solution will leverage IBM’s robust commerce platform and Truven’s proven methodologies to calculate real-time, personalized, out-of-pocket costs for a wide variety of medical procedures and treatments, making the promise of data analytics a reality for everyday consumers who can now comparison-shop for the best quality care based on targeted, empirical evidence, not a gut decision. 

We are entering into an era where data and technology are aligning to make amazing things happen. Properly used, the most promising analytics will help health insurers respond to today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment and empower people to become educated consumers of healthcare.

Mike Boswood 
President and CEO


Truven Health Welcomes Simpler Consulting

By Mike Boswood/Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Mike Boswood imageThis week I welcomed Simpler Consulting to our company. This acquisition makes sense because Truven and Simpler will make a game-changing combination in the healthcare marketplace – driving growth and strengthening our ability to reduce the cost and improve the quality of healthcare. Our powerful analytic capabilities, in combination with Simpler’s consultative expertise and unique approach to operational improvement, will complement each other in the following ways:

  • Enable provision of end-to-end performance improvement services for both Truven and Simpler clients
  • Support further development of enterprise-wide engagement
  • Support international growth for both businesses
In addition to its healthcare practice, Simpler has a commercial division that provides performance improvement consulting services to a wide range of businesses in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. We expect this business to expand in the immediate future and over time will look for additional opportunities with both our Commercial and Government divisions.

The entire Simpler management team is remaining with the business under the leadership of CEO Marc Hafer. They bring with them vast experience of the Lean performance improvement process along with proprietary methodologies and tools that have been developed and successfully deployed over many years.

In the past year, our company has completed the last steps of the very complex process of standing up as an independent company. Now I look forward to a bright future where, with our new colleagues, we will be able to bring ever greater value to our customers.

Mike Boswood
President and CEO