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Paul Juneau
Paul Juneau, MS
With 19 years of in-industry experience and over 23 years as a statistician, Mr. Juneau has worked the full  spectrum of pharmaceutical  R&D  from product discovery through post-marketing Phase IV, including manufacturing, safety, and clinical trial settings. Now as a statistical consultant, he is passionate about improving communication through data visualization to help explain complicated statistical analyses in non-technical language. He likes to consider a wide array of statistical methods, from the “tried and true” to the less frequently known or used to enable data to accurately tell the most compelling story possible.

Mr. Juneau is a senior statistician.

Research interests: Visualization of data, new ideas about the application of statistical methods in settings with large volumes of data such as high dimensional propensity score adjustment.

Publication: Chapter 6: Nonparametric Methods in Pharmaceutical Statistics, Pharmaceutical Statistics Using SAS: A Practical Guide. SAS Press, 2007.

Seminar: Using Mosaic Plots To Display Data (audio)  
(Presentation slides)