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Jean Chenoweth
Jean Chenoweth
Senior Vice President, Center for Performance Improvement

Ms. Jean Chenoweth has been involved in the development of healthcare information for improvement of hospital management and clinical performance for more than 30 years. She has led research on developing a national balanced scorecard for hospitals around best practices in leadership, clinical quality, and operations.

As senior vice president, Center for Performance of Improvement, Ms. Chenoweth works collaboratively with academic and research institutions and was recently invited to provide recommendations to President Obama on Health Assurance and Disease Prevention at the National Academy of Sciences Interoperability Summit. Ms. Chenoweth’s work has focused on objective measurement of hospital organizational performance, including the impact governance and leadership has on level of performance and rate of improvement, the outcomes of management and clinical executions, and the effectiveness of culture performance improvement.

Ms Chenoweth also directs the benchmarking and performance improvement leadership programs which annually recognize hospitals and management teams for long-term organization-wide performance. She previously served as senior vice president at HCIA/Solucient and as president for the Commission on Professional and Hospitals Activities and its successor, Healthcare Knowledge Resources. Ms. Chenoweth is a graduate of Northwestern University (psychology) and the University of Illinois at the Medical Center (health information management).