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Markets we serve


Facilitate the transition to value-based care with care delivery efficiency and performance improvement while advancing your strategic direction.

Life Sciences

We provide value demonstration and stakeholder management solutions, helping you address market access challenges anywhere in the world.


We support cost and quality improvement, consumer engagement and fraud detection at all federal healthcare-related and 30+ Medicaid agencies.

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Enterprise-Wide Analytics

Analytics for diverse data sources to inform cost and quality decisions

Research Databases

Robust healthcare benchmarking and disease-level treatment paths.

Lean Transformation

A data-driven approach to boost clinical outcomes and business performance.

Strategic Consulting Services

Expertise to help you discover opportunities in every corner of healthcare.

Consumer Engagement Tools

Tools to help consumers become more involved in their care.

100 Top Hospitals®

Objective research evaluates and guides hospital and health system performance.

Clinical Performance Improvement

Evaluate and improve quality at every level.

Care Delivery

Tools to transform the quality of care your patients receive.

Innovation and Growth

Accelerate new opportunities and sustain them with a competitive advantage.

Operational Performance Improvement

Optimize staff, facilities, and tools for your market’s best health.

Analytical Consulting and Research

Data-backed, advanced research and consulting by domain experts.
If you are seeking information on which offerings address specific issues in the industry, please visit the Solutions page.

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